Cursed Monk Records are thrilled to announce that we will be releasing Nocturnal Conocation's debut album "Mors Omnia Solvit."

This mysterious Italian Necro Doom band has entered a pact with one another to not disclose their photos, nor information about their members, nor even information about the lyrics of their songs. Their ritualistic necro doom speaks for itself.

Mors Omnia Solvit will be released on the Winter Solstice, December 21st, when night is at its longest.

Preorder here :


Cursed Monk Records are thrilled to announce that we will be handling the CD release of The Red Widows - Fuzzifixion! Preorders for this absolute monster are now live! For the duration of the "Fuzzifixion" preorder we are offering a buy one get one half price deal! Preorder "Fuzzifixion" by The Red Widows and get 50% off any other CD from our roster. Just head to the page below, select double CD, and leave us a note at checkout to let us know which other CD you'd like added to your order. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CULT LEADER!

"Five epic tomes of monolithic groove dwell beneath the Jesus Christ pose that graces the artwork of The Red Widows latest release Fuzzifixion, an album that sees the band moving away from the slightly retro proto-metal/hard rock of their debut EP “Rising” and embracing a heavier more doomic approach. Huge monotonic, almost monastic vocal tones weave majestically over and around thick syrupy low slow guitar refrains , growling bass lines and thundering percussion to create a sound that is menacingly dank, beautifully dark and hugely atmospheric." ~Frazer Jones (Desert Psychlist)

The Road Reverence Redacted is out now on CD! Presented in a beautiful 4 panel digipak, it would be a crime not to add this beast of an album to your collection!

Describing themselves as "Two noisy Brits exploring their favourite heavy genres with as much enthusiasm as possible." Reverence Redacted was originally released on the 23rd of August and was met favourably by the critics.

"The duos blend of crushing doom could be the perfect soundtrack for the apocalypse" The Sludgelord

"Reverence Redacted locks you in a chokehold unable to breath. Simplistic in nature, devastating in execution" Deathrattle Podcast

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