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ASHTORETH is a project in a search of a shamanistic perspective, channeling at times minimal, meditative drones; and at other a catharsis of doom, noise and experimentation touching upon folk, post rock, psychedelia and more. But always in a free form.


Beneath the Sod was formed in 2015 by Raymond Keenaghan and is a one member band based in Dublin. SOD was created to play a thoroughly rotten concoction of scummy doom laden noisy industrial filth. The music has been described as sounding like, ‘A soundtrack to slowly mummifying bog bodies. Neanderthal brutality amid harsh noise-damaged riffage and industrial decay.’


Burn Ritual is a doom metal band based out of San Antonio, Tx brewing its own brand of heavy riffs, bluesy hazy vocals, and massive hypnotic fuzzed out tones.  The band combine their love for traditional doom and stoner rock bands with a modern element making it a unique but familiar journey for the listener. Burn Ritual is the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Jake Lewis, who performed and recorded on most of the band’s debut EP Like Suffering.  The one man project soon paved way for the necessity for a full band of musicians to bring the songs to the stage the way they were meant to be heard , loud and in your face!



Very little is known about this Death/Doom/Dungeon Synth project. Buy the ticket, take the ride.



Crypticum is a blackened doom metal entity helmed by Cathal Rodgers (Wreck of the Hesperus, Spermicidal, Parhelia, Wereju). Crypticum is an attempt to express something of the deep complexity that makes us precisely the way we are - an attempt to arrive at an imaginal perspective on myth and history as primary tools of the soul.




GEIST are a hardcore band based in the UK. 


GOURD write filthy, twisted songs with extras layers of rotten madness to make the music a deeply unsettling, mind fuck of an experience.


Grey Malkin is an experimental Scottish musician. Caretaker at The Hare And The Moon (now deceased). Also The Floating World, Widow's Weeds,The Spectral Light, Embertides, The Mortlake Bookclub.


Luxury Mollusc is a Dublin based solo Atmospheric Harsh Noise/Ditch Electronics project active in the Irish underground for almost a decade. Focused on themes of doubt, castration and the sublimation of destructive tendencies this project is a focused approach to brute negative experimentation. Performances and recordings see an improvised dissection of field recordings accompanied by the manipulation of detritus; scrap metal, bones, etc (often site specific) and processed vocals. Equal parts Japanoise junk assassination and brooding post-industrial ambience, more emphasis is placed on creating a potent mood of unease rather than fitting into categorization.


Hailing from Lexington Kentucky, this duo oscillates between churning mid-tempo madness and total doom that will leave your ears ringing and your hearts wrenching. Dripping with feedback and distortion, NEST channel their visceral contempt with a barrage of sludge soaked riffs accompanied by harsh, evocative vocalizations that give their debut self-titled demo all the makings of a memorable foray into misanthropy. The end is here, it's now, just give NEST the time and they'll tell you all about it.


Created in 2014, Oldd Wvrms is a band officiating in an occult register insisting on a dark and tormented atmosphere.
Drawing his inspiration from ancient tales of witchcraft and forgotten rituals.
Their music is brewed in a dark cauldron, blending doom/sludge/black and post-metal, including samples, drones & lithurgic chants into a more hypnotic and intoxicating level.
Feel the serpent crawl upon your flesh and embrace the haunting emptiness within.


[ P.U.T ] , 3 brothers, living in Paris / Brussels, who making since 1998, a mix of machines vs guitars, noise, sludge-metal, industrial and punk to create a music borrows madness, emotion, heaviness and anger.


Ruairi O’Baoighill is a Dark Ambient/Drone artist based in Galway City, Ireland. Influenced by the occult and pagan history of his country, as well as the darker side of the psychedelic experience, O'Baoighill's work often makes for an intense and frequently unsettling listening experience. He explores this through themes of Dark Ritual Ambience and meditative Drones, primarily using instrumentation, vocals, found sound and field recordings, which he twists into dark compositions by means of digital manipulation.


Doom/Drone/Ambient from Auckland, New Zealand


Horrible circuit bending rhythms, and doom riffing bass noise recordings born by accident in the below zero temperatures of November 2010, in a foggy, hazy wasteland of despair, anguish and terror.


Aemotive Electronic Music from Italy


The Red Widows is a doom metal trio based in London. Their sound can be defined as thick, dark and aggressive, with powerful vocals and haunting melodies that stick to your head.


The crushing oppressiveness of the British motorway experience condensed into a two-man journey through heavy music. The Road are two noisy Brits exploring their favourite heavy genres with as much enthusiasm as possible.


TOOMS are the world's first Slippery Metal band. Bring you down tuned sounds inspired by Sludge, Hardcore and Stoner Doom.




This mysterious Italian Necro Doom band has entered a pact with one another to not disclose their photos, nor information about their members, nor even information about the lyrics of their songs. Their ritualistic necro doom speaks for itself.


Crushing Sludge metal spawned from the gutters of Seoul.


Вий (Vij, transliterated in latin alphabet) is a demon in russian literature of 19thcentury, which Gogol talks about, and also the first soviet horror movie.


The band was born in winter 2013 from the idea of Evgeny, Tommaso (guitars) and Alarico (drums) with the intent to create something heavy and brutal. Something different from the classic doom and stoner in the Tuscany underground scene


The earliest mentions that we know of said band of musicians goes back about 800 years: In the year 1230, when the body of Walther von der Vogelweide was found, the constable wrote to the arch bishop of the German city of Würzburg a small letter with the words “Tamam Shud”(it is done) written on it with invisible ink. With that letter he tried to cover up that they really didn't have a clue who did it. But since they wanted to get rid of von der Vogelweide anyway, this turned out to be a really smart move. Nonetheless and without being known for an eye for details the police didn't see that next to the dead body a mysterious carving in a wall said "dûn bregu", which roughly translated to "Mountain King", followed by a carved cross of Saint Peter. It was said to be the first recorded band rivalry in history and the most important recorded police fail since the vizier of Khnumhotep left his tomb keys inside, as he closed the stone door after a routine check.

However, the history of The Mountain King could be traced back to the Vogelweide-Incident, so far historians and anthropologists agree. It was said that Walther tried to rip off the band after several gigs in Vienna and Bavaria, which led them to a band feud that eventually climaxed 10 years after Emperor Friedrich II. supported Walther's "career" as the self-proclaimed "King dude of minnesang".

Unfortunately 1348 was the first cessation of The Mountain King, when the plague hit Europe like a drunk old fart after a “little stop" at the "grocery store" on the way home from “work”. All records went missing in the turmoil and the descendants of the band are still recovering lost song parts and melodies today.

In the late 16th century, however, The Mountain King presented their new set of songs at the dance fair and a wedding in Paris. After three hours of exhausting citole shredding the band decided to take a longer break and getting new drinks while talking and strolling along the Seine. It was a warm late august night and they got carried away by the herbs and talking about the songs they wanted to play after the break. By the time they got back, they heard no noises from the feast, which was odd since there should be several hundred people having a good time. As they entered, everyone was dead and the instruments were gone. They could not believe it: Gone!

Without money, music and unsigned they went north to find their luck.

The next recorded mentioning is around 1750, as a funeral band called "Ye mourntain kinge", when they were actually working and playing at a georgian graveyard. The records are not complete after a flood destroyed the cemetery and washed the Chapel's library out and away. Since it is now clearly known how a band could last through centuries by passing on their gear, knowledge and name to the next generations, not necessarily their children, the question remains, how there can be known so little about the work.

The answer is fire. Literally and figuratively. When historian Wallace F. Williams examined the coincidences surrounding the bands loss of records and memory, he found something in the latest happening: In the ashes of the roof of Notre Dame, a church in Paris, a worker found a script that someone wanted to burn, but did not succeed entirely.

"It was signed by some secret group, that referred to themselves as "Vogelweiderians", sworn to avenge their master Walther's death in the 14th century. Several dates and cities were noted, where they obviously tried to remove the lecagy of The Mountain King from the face of the earth." Williams said. "We recovered mentions of plane crashes, cannibalism and a sabotaged levee, that led to a flood, destroying a victorian village and its churchyard including the library, where the musicians rehearsed and slept in sleeping bags made of bigger humas. These seemed coincidental at first. But when you step away for a better look at the big picture, there is a pattern, not visible to the eye, but to the hair on your arm and your guts."

Still today, The Mountain King is rare to the public eye. Concerts and DJ Sets only for minutiously picked occasions and just a few interviews with contradicting statements about the origins of the band.

"Edvard Grieg, the Norwegian componist, may also be involved, but this could as well be another quote war, we are still gathering evidence" Wallace F. Williams stated.


Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 14.12.43.png

Psych/Horror Folk . An offering to Mother Moon, upon whose white & shapeless mask we can depend.


Catafalque are an experimental metal trio, taking influence from across the entire musical spectrum. Catafalque combine elements of harsh noise, fuzz laden drone, doom metal, and dark ambient with a dousing of industrial to create a sound that has aptly been described as a ‘hypnotically horrible’.


The main conspirators behind Catafalque are Dan Dolby, Michael Shephered (bassist and drummer, respectively, in sludgecore behemoths, Mastiff) and Thomas Ozers (chief noise provocateur in The Dead Yesterdays and Gnarl) who birthed the band through a shared love of extreme experimental music. Each individual’s approach to creating sound is markedly different, using a vast variety of instrumentation to achieve their required end result. Despite this when the results come together the amalgamation works as one (un)harmonious unit. 

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