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A Starving Lesson is OUT NOW!!

QUIET MAN have kicked the door in with their juggernaut debut album A Starving Lesson

Here's what the critic's had to say:

"It’s hidden gems like The Starving Lesson that really show you how much variety and depth there is within much of doom metal’s underground." - Everything Is Noise

"’s more about the route that gets them there, which is engaging, brutally churning and spacious in kind." - The Obelisk

"The Starving Lesson is not a lesson easily forgotten." - Wonderbox Metal

"This mighty statement is a world beater, an album that isn’t just another doom collection, but one that’ll push you mind and body to consider our place and how to improve everyone’s around ours." - Meat Mead Metal

"The Starving Lesson is a record that wishes to instill in the listener a deep sense of unease, tinged with foreboding and just a little existential dread." - Angry Metal Guy

"Excellent and Highly Recommended." - Outlaws Of The Sun

"This is why we do the podcast, finding gems like this!" - ninehertz

"Hardly any other band is currently so grueling, so destructive. Sludge may be Quiet Man's adopted home, but it often serves 'only' as a means to an end, to complete destruction. " 8/10 - Demonic Nights

A Starving Lesson is out now on CD and Digital via us: It also comes in cool pink and white splatter vinyl from the band:

And on random colour variants from Riff Merchant Records:

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