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Album Premiere - Ivory Primarch - As All Life Burns

Ahead of tomorrow's release of Ivory Primarch's debut album "As All Life Burns" we decided to wet your whistle and premiere the full album a day early!

"This is a satisfying meat grinder in which to plunge one’s face for about an hour. " - The Obelisk

"I will warm you that to listen to the full album is quite an undertaking. You'll be in for just under 60 minutes of crushingly heavy, harsh, and depressive music. " - Cave Dweller Music

"As All Life Burns" is out on CD and Digital tomorrow, November 5th.

Strap in...

1 comment

1 Comment

Edward Tuthill
Edward Tuthill
Nov 04, 2021

Based on what I'm hearing I think I'll pre order this.

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