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Dublin Based Blackend Sludge/Grindcore Collective 'The Sept' Unleash New EP 'MMXXIII'

We are thrilled to announce that we will be releasing The Sept's blistering new EP MMXXIII

Hailing from Dublin, The Sept is a collaborative music project led by Philip Caomhánach.

With influences spanning the raw immediacy of early Bolt Thrower to the transfixing chaos of The Body, The Sept draws on an alchemical mix of grind, death and noise. In it’s current form, it harbours thematic sympathies for Gaelic antiquity and nineteenth century esoterica.

The project’s steady emphasis on collaboration is evident on the new EP: MMXXIII, with vocal contributions by Liam Hughes (Soothsayer, Procession of Spectres); Nick Vahdias (Evocator, Hessian Firm) and multi-disciplinary artist Suzanne Walsh, as well as Alto-Sax performances by Cathal Roche.

‘MMXXIII’ was self-recorded over several sessions and was mixed and mastered by Shauny Cadogan of Last Light Recordings. FFO noisy grind acts like Napalm Death and Full of Hell.

MMXXIII will be released on CD and Digital, December 18th 2023 and can be preordered here. Check out their new track The Endless Knot below.

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