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New Preorder - VoidOath - Ascension Beyond Kokytus

We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Cognitive Discordance Records to release VoidOath’s debut album Ascension Beyond Kokytus.

VOIDOATH has one release under their belts, Illumination Through Necromancy which was put on tape in 2020 by Harmful Existence Records. It allowed the band to be featured by Decibel, Astralnoise UK, Cvlt Nation (with 2 live performances for virtual fests, w/ BLOODSOAKED

NECROVOID and Astriferous), as well as being named one of the best Sludge releases of 2020 by Cvlt Nation.

The band’s vision has been to adapt different sources of horror lore into a sonic wall of devastating riffs, pulverising drums, layered with heavy and evolving bass. The continuous

screeching, wailing and growling will leave the listener feeling disoriented and completely immersed, as if facing the void itself.

VOIDOATH’S Ascension Beyond Kokytus is a concept album rooted deep within the lore created by John W. Campbell Jr. with his science fiction novella Who goes there? (Frozen

Hell), as well as the 1982’s adaptation/remake by the master of horror John Carpenter.

The album is a 4 song, 50 minute Blackened Sludge Doom experience, taking the listener throughout the story of a shapeshifting entity from deep within the universe, that crashes on earth, to be trapped as Lucifer, in the frozen hell of the Antarctic

Ascension Beyond Kokytus draws from many of the members influences, taking the familiar sludge doom sound from the band’s first release and driving it towards a faster, more aggressive intention, including black and post metal influences. The four songs reflect 4 stages in the story,

involving the arrival of the creature to the planet, how it infiltrates humanity, making them anxious, isolated and paranoid. To finally deliver a striking blow by taking over the entire planet, obliterating every single creature and cell on Earth. Nothing else left, but the Creature.

Ascension Beyond Kokytus will be available on CD and Digital via Cursed Monk Records in the UK/EU, and via Cognitive Discordance Records in the US, September 30th 2022. Check out the first single Orion​-​Cygnus Descent (Arrival) below.

Preorder your copy at the following links EU/UK: US:



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