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Old Skin To Release With Cursed Monk Records

Happy new year! The Monk has been quiet for the last few weeks because... well... life.

However, life waits for nobody. So what's next?

Well.... After we unleashed the unhinged beauty of The Sept to close 2023 we were left wondering... What could possibly follow that up? Not only that, but what could open up 2024? The eight year of the Monk!

Well Folks, hold on to your butts, cas we're thrilled to announce that straight out of the fucking gate is Old Skin!!!

Old Skin are a 5-piece noise ridden murder sludge band from Fort Collins, Colorado.

The band was formed in 2021 from a collection of horror addicted sludge disciples.

Pulling from influences including Fistula, Coffins, Conan, and EYEHATEGOD, Old Skin delivers a punishing and gruesome onslaught of pissed off death sludge inoculated with shrieking harsh noise.

Their unique brand of sludge fuses limb chopping riffs paired with relentless battery, blistering noise, aggressive stage presence, and hard hitting sets that that offer no mercy to anyone caught in their warpath.

Album details will be released in due corse, but it the meantime check out the links above and the vid below to see why Old Skin fucking rule!



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