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Track Premiere - The Sept - Four Walls

We are so excited to share Four Walls, the haunting closing track from The Sept’s upcoming EP MMXXIII, with you ahead of its release this Monday.

Hailing from Dublin, The Sept is a collaborative music project led by Philip Caomhánach. 

With influences spanning the raw immediacy of early Bolt Thrower to the transfixing chaos of The Body, The Sept draws on an alchemical mix of grind, death and noise.

In its current form, it harbours thematic sympathies for Gaelic antiquity and nineteenth century esoterica. 

Four Walls is a dark, beautifully evocative piece, and features the haunting vocals of multi-disciplinary artist Suzanne Walsh.

Suzanne Walsh is an artist, musician and writer from Co. Wexford, living in Dublin, Ireland. Within her art practice she works primarily with sound, drawing, sculpture and writing, and is interested in working in a multi-disciplinary way.

The Sept - MMXXIII is out Monday December 18th on CD and Digital Download.

Order yours here, and check out Four Walls below

Order yours here, and check out Four Walls below


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