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VoidOath - Ascension Beyond Kokytus Is Out Now

We are thrilled to announce that VoidOath's Ascension Beyond Kokytus is officially out now on CD and Digital Download.

"With Ascension Beyond Kokytus, VOIDOATH have unleashed a phenomenal first foray into the pantheon of sludge and death-doom. Unyieldingly brutal but without sacrificing tension and atmosphere, this is a fitting homage to John Carpenter's horror classic..." - Distorted Sound Magazine

"Even if my thoughts don’t amount to much more than “this record sounds great, is heavy” I am nonetheless entertained, transfixed, floored by what these folks have managed on this fine debut. A high recommendation." - Grizzly Butts

"Fans of John Carpenter's "The Thing" or the John Campbell Jr. story on which it was based should not miss the debut album by the Costa Rican band VoidOath, which we're premiering and reviewing today in advance of its release by Cursed Monk Records and Cognitive Discordance Records. They drew deep inspiration from the lore of those horrifying tales, and their rendering of them through a massive and mind-mauling variety of blackened sludge-doom is itself terrifying (but also relentlessly immersive)." - No Clean Singing

"VoidOath is releasing hands down one of the gnarliest doom albums that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing this year and you need to hear it, too. Don’t let it pass you by, you’ll be sorry. It’s a frozen wasteland of an album – and I mean that in the absolutely best way." - Noob Heavy

"Imagine being picked up by some very, very large hand and squeezed until your ribs break and entrails come spewing out of your various orifices like so much chunky juice from a piece of fruit. So it is that VoidOath execute their debut album."

" The band know what they set out to do and I’d argue they succeeded wildly. This was one excellent listen and I’d fervently recommend this to new, avid fans of doom." - The Razors Edge

You can pick up your copy of Ascension Beyond Kokytus here if you are in the EU/UK



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