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Check Out The Crawling Cosmic Doom Of Black Claw!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be putting out the amazing "The Unabating Terror" by Black Claw. Black Claw is a one man project based in Bristol, UK, and is the brain child of James Murray.

James has created some of the best, most dread filled, crawling cosmic Lovecraftian Doom that I have ever heard, and for a one man project it's nothing short of astounding. If Cthulhu listens to tunes, it listens to Black Claw.

"The Unabating Terror" features artwork by Natasha Mason, and guest vocals by Jean Claude VanDoom from Cult of Occult.

Head over to our Bandcamp where you can pick up "An Unabating Terror" digitally now, or preorder it on CD which will be released mid June.



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