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Intensely claustrophobic Industrial Doom - Beneath The Sod's latest offering is out for blood.

This one is unhinged...

On December 17th we will be releasing Beneath The Sod’s new self-titled EP on CD and digital.

This will be Beneath The Sod’s third release after their debut album Circling the Drain (Fort Evil Fruit, 2017), and their split with Crypticum, Transmorphic Eye (Cursed Monk Records, 2018).

Featuring guest vocals from Richard Carson (Unyielding Love), this latest offering from Beneath The Sod offers up an intense serving of Industrial Doom, a claustrophobic experience which sounds like the sonic equivalent of a panic attack. Quite frankly, we think it’s their best work to date.

Beneath the Sod scrape back the top soil to lay bare all that is repulsive and feculent beneath. Narcotic and eldritch, Beneath the Sod erodes the listener with a writhing tapestry of industrial doom, grinding noise and hallucinatory horror. Punishing and bewildering, with each release Beneath the Sod sinks deeper into their unique and singularly maddening mire.

Stu (Luxury Mollusc, Drainland, Siorai Geimhreadh) of Fungal Flute had this to say about the album:

“Drums crack and rattle like long interred sinews shaking off the rigor of subterranean years. Riffs heave and collapse like a crumbling body wading through six feet of sodden soil. Synths swirl and soar, piercing the senses like noxious fumes in ancient tombs. Shrieks echo, rasp and groan with all the resentment and loathing of those unfairly torn from their forgotten graves. All accompanied by a nauseating harsh ambience that both seduces and alienates the listener deeper into their own malaise.”

Beneath The Sod is available to preorder now over on our bandcamp.



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