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MONK FEST: BLUT To Play Monk Fest 2024

Man am I stoked to announce this! BLUT will be bringing the darkest doom from the depts of Dorset to Irish shores for an exclusive Irish show at this years Monk Fest!

BLUT are a two piece featuring Simon Moors on guitar and vocals, and Shaun Rutter on drums. We were honoured to release their 2022 album Fuck The Future on CD last year.

Fans of Doom metal will recognise Rutter from his work with Electric Wizard between 2006 and 2012, providing drums for the albums Witchcult Today (2006), and Black Masses (2010), as well as the Electric Wizard/Reverend Bizarre Split (2008), and the 2008 EP The Processean, which was sold exclusively at the Rise Above Records 20th Anniversary Show.

Purveyors of malevolent drone doom since 2009, Dorsets BLUT have released some of the most devastating noise and doom I've ever heard, invoking black tar communions for the truly lost and forgotten.

Destruction through repetition!

Repetition through destruction!

Broken amps forever!

Don't miss your chance to catch BLUT at this years Monk Fest!

Monk Fest 2024 will take place on July 6th. Tickets are available here. Monk Fest is in aid of Temple St. Children’s Hospital.

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