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Slung From A Tree's Debut Album Is Available For Pre Order Now!

Cursed Monk Records are thrilled to release Slung From A Trees’s debut album ‘Voyage Into Cosmos’ on April 20th.

Slung From A Tree’ are a psychedelic sludge band hailing from the green Isles of Munster, formed during the summer of 2017.

In that time they have self produced one live album “Live From Limerick” and have become a live force to be reckoned with, playing shows the length and breadth of Ireland, leaving clouds of weed smoke, tinnitus and a hell of a lot of contact highs in their wake.

This has earned them an opening slot for the mighty Bongzilla on June 25th.

Preorder/Stream the album here:

And check out the lead single below!



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