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Tumanduumband's Debut Album 'Throne of Grief' Available For Preorder

Tumanduumband's debut album 'Throne of Grief' is officially available for preorder via the CMR Bandcamp here

Tumanduumband are an ultra heavy Satanic Doom Duo, hailing from the darkest depths of the West Midlands, UK.

Forming in 2018, they have since been growing their Duum cult. Performing their Unholy Rifftuals full of blood rites, robes, corpses, crushing drums and apocalyptic bass.

They currently have 2 studio E.Ps, ‘Self Titled and ‘Cursed With Blackened Tongues remastered and re-released through Lorebreaker Records), and an experimental 2 track E.P, ‘Drowning in Fathomless Despair’ which was recorded exclusively through mobile phones (during the first big lockdown of 2020)

They have enchanted and terrified audiences all over England, supporting bands such as Crowbar, Conan, Unto Others, Wallowing, Pound (and many others).

They were the winners of the 2022 "Metal 2 The Masses" in Birmingham and went on to headline the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock 2022. Alongside this, they have played other festivals such as Mangata Fest and Southwest Heavy Fest.

Currently getting ready to tour, make it your business to get to one of their shows!

"Throne of Grief' is out on CD and Digital Download October 27th. Check out the title track below, and stream both the title track, and 'Black Ritual of the 25th Moon' over on our Bandcamp.

Strap. The. Fuck. In.



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