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Tumanduumband Summon Satan Himself With Debut Album 'Throne Of Grief'

This album is heavy. Earth shakingly, mind destroyingly, old one summoningly heavy.

The devil has a Tumanduumband poster on his wall.

Here's what the critics had to say:

"It's like a blunt weapon" - ninehertz

"It's unlocked The Sound they've always wanted to make - expansive, atmospheric and devastatingly low!" - Stoner HiVe

"Good-f**king-grief. This is heavy, and if that’s not enough, it is also super-sinister and emphatically miserable. Tumanduumband have arrived from the deepest and darkest recesses of the void, and they are here to collect souls to bring back with them." - Games Brrraaains and A Head-banging Life

"Frightening, monstrous, and excellent."

"Throne Of Grief feels like one extended musical story split within individual chapters with each song being heavier than the last. This allows Tumanduumband to become masters of their own creative and extreme domain with the progressive sounds they play on this release." - Outlaws of the Sun

" some ways it’s so primitive and punishing as to induce muscle damage and paralysis — but it’s sonic sadism is also freakishly inventive." - NO CLEAN SINGING

'Throne of Grief' is out now on CD and Digital.

Stream/Order here, and check it out below. Are you in Great Britain? If you are, be sure to catch Tumanduumband on tour!

The All Hallows Riffs Tour kicks off tonight.

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